Proper Use Policy

Notes on the Proper Use of our Services:


We at The Essay Place feel very strongly about the value of a good education – in fact our company is completely staffed by high-achieving academics - and that is why we want to do everything we can to help our clients succeed in their academic endeavours. Our services are designed to complement your own studies, not to act as a replacement for them. The work we provide has been custom written to serve as a guide – to assist you in the preparation of your own work. The work that we provide is absolutely free of plagiarism because we do not condone it in any way. 


The work that you order from us can be helpful in so many ways as you do your own work: 1) you can use it as a guide to better help you understand what is being asked in the question, 2) you can use it to develop your own thoughts and arguments, 3) you can do further research using the sources that have been included, 4) you can use the work as a guide to structure your own, and 5) you can use it as a point of comparison to ensure that your work is original.